Committee 2022/23

President – Sharafiab Chowdhury (3rd Year Engineer at St Catharine’s)

Hi! I am Sharafiab, the president of BanglaSoc. I do engineering at Catz. BanglaSoc has helped me meet some amazing people, and has really helped undo my initial perception of Cambridge as a stuck-up and unwelcoming place. Events in the past such as inspiring speakers events and enjoyable socials have really helped me and others connect with our culture, even away from home. I look forward to welcoming the next generation of Bengali students and fostering a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds, as well as introducing non-Bengalis to our wonderful culture.


Favourite Bengali food: Gulab Jamun

Vice President – Shihab Ahmed (2nd Year Medic at Trinity Hall)

Salaam! I’m Shihab, a second-year medic at Trinity Hall. I was born and raised in London but I’ve always been in touch with my Bengali side, from instinctively swearing in Bangla to learning to eyeball the spices in my cooking. I’m a big football fan (I support Arsenal just like ~50% of Bengalis) and I like to cook in my spare time, but that’s not exactly abundant in Cambridge. Favourite Bengali Snack: Soy Pita Biran.Another fact: I played 2000+ hours of Fortnite before realising I’m not very good at it.


Treasurer – Farhan Ali (3rd Year Medic at Downing)

Salaam, my name is Farhan Ali and I am the treasurer of BanglaSoc. I am currently a student at Downing College studying Medicine. My favourite letter of the Bangla alphabet is the chandrabindu. We invite you all to join us in our events and activities, and to connect with other Bengali students and enthusiasts at the university.

Secretary – Hussain Khan (2nd Year Engineer at Wolfson)


My name is Hussain and I am a second-year engineer at Wolfson College. As you can see, I am the secretary for Bangla soc, so if you receive an email at 3am, just know its from me! My favourite Bengali snack is sana sul or as some Bengalis like to say ‘chana chur’. I love tigers. 


Events Officer – Nusrat Razzaque (2nd Year Lawyer at St Catharine’s)

Salaam everyone, I’m Nusrat and I’m your events officer! Excited to see you all at the events in sha Allah so make sure you come through 🙂

Publicity Officer – Nabil Khan  (3rd Year Medic at Churchill)

Assalamualaikum all.

My name is Nabil and I’ll be your publicity officer for this year.

My favourite Bengali snack is sanasur and Bengali pass time is carrom board.

Operations Officer – Raheel Shah  (4th Year Engineer at Magdalene)

Hi I’m Raheel and I’m one of your operations officers. I’m a fourth year engineer at Magdalene.
My favourite Bengali dish is Bhuna Kichuri.
One key piece of info to know about me is that I heavily prefer to say Fotabala rather than Sehri/Suhoor.

Postgraduate Officer – Nur Hasan Arko (MBA -Judge Business School, St Edmund’s College)

Salam and hello all!!!

I am Nur, your postgrad officer. Hailing from Bangladesh, I am amazed by the welcoming environment of the university and BanglaSoc. I hope to help you all and further BanglaSoc’s reach and cause. Along with that, I want to focus more on engaging the post-grad community within the society.

My favorite food: Kacchi Biriyani Supremacy

I am also a die hard Manchester United fan

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