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Excellent Academy is a tuition & training centre, sixth form college and childcare provider located in the heart of Camden. They are committed to our cause and guarantee excellent results!

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In 2019, TV One UK hosted members of the BanglaSoc committee and society on their talk show, Pathways. Sheamol Obeda, Zaynab Ahmed, Azmaeen Zarif and Tahmida Huq all discussed issues that ranged from applying to Cambridge, personal statements, interviews, life at the university and the postgraduate experience. We had ATN Bangla UK discuss everything CU BanglaSoc related too.


With a viewership of 500,000 plus, we were able to discuss real issues facing the Bangladeshi community when it came to access to Oxbridge and were able to broaden our reach.


Sheamol Obeda, one of the Bsoc panelists said “it was really important for us to be on TV One and ATN Bangla as it allows other Bangladeshi’s around the country to see what they are able to achieve, to show them what life at Cambridge is really like, and to inspire them to apply to Cambridge!” 


Find links to the shows below…

The Pathways Panel
ATN Bangla TV Panel



BRAC, is an international development organisation based in Bangladesh, who Cambridge University Bangla Society were Ambassadors for. BRAC work on the social development of the poorest areas of Bangladesh through investment in education, businesses and urban development.


Al Rayan Bank became a ‘Gold Sponsor’ of CU Banglasoc during 2016/17. Through these funds’ CU BanglaSoc was able to hold more intimate events and gatherings as well as create larger projects to amplify the reach of the society and create a cushion for future committees and members.

If you are interested in sponsoring CU BanglaSoc, check out our become a sponsor page. 

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