Here at CU BanglaSoc, we love hosting intimate gatherings which allow our students to get the most out of the community around them. Our events range from these smaller  events to charity formal dinners and competitive quiz nights, all of which have made a difference to our members university experience!

The best part of the events on offer at CU BanglaSoc is that the sheer scope of events is ever changing and evolving depending on which committee takes over the society, so there are always new and creative events on offer! 

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Welfare Chills and Chai’s …


Probably the most frequent and important events that CU BanglaSoc holds are our intimate gatherings through the form of welfare chills and chai’s. These keep the close interconnected nature of the Bangladeshi community in Cambridge alive and are great for all members to catch up and remind one another of a community around them.



Here are images of our Welfare Chill 2019…

Formal Dinners…


To mark the end of term BanglaSoc usually host a classic Cambridge formal dinner at a Cambridge college. These dinners are a great chance to meet the larger membership of CU BanglaSoc as well as enjoy food that is more traditional/ Bangladeshi.



Here are images of our Michealmas 2019 BanglaSoc Formal…

Game Nights, Quiz Nights and Movie Nights…


Our Games Nights provide a fun and exciting splash with a competitive streak into our normal welfare chills. Here are pictures of a game’s night where the members played Board Games and Jenga.



Quiz nights are popular amongst the CU BanglaSoc members due to their competitive and educational aspects.



Lastly, connecting to the traditional arts is a great way our students can unwind. Our Bollywood Movie Nights are great for this!


Ramadan Events…


Creating a space for Muslims in Cambridge during the holy month of Ramadan is an important aspect of the work that CU BanglaSoc does every year. In 2019 the Ramadan BanglaSoc Iftar dinner was a great way we were able to provide meals for students to break their fast. The atmosphere was very peaceful after a long day of working.


Charity Events…


CU BanglaSoc prides itself on being a society that encourages and promotes charity to assist those who are less fortunate than ourselves in Bangladesh and around the sub-continent.



The charity events that we have hosted in the past range from charity formal dinners to charity bake sales. The most notorious in recent years has been the CU BanglaSoc MAA Formal Dinner which has been a hit for the past two years. The formal dinner is held as part of MAA Month which focusses on helping disadvantaged mothers in the poorest areas of Bangladesh.



Here are images of 2019 MAA Formal at Clare College…

BanglaSoc in Isolation…



As part of a wider project in 2020 amongst the era of Coronavirus, the CU BanglaSoc Committee created a BanglaSoc in Isolation Challenge whereby our members sent in their pictures of what they were up to during Lockdown.



Here are some images of the baking, cooking and dressing up our members did for Eid 2020…

CU BanglaSoc X CU PakSoc Events



Here at CU BanglaSoc, we understand the importance of holding events that not only bring the Bangladeshi community together, but also bring the wider subcontinent closer. Throughout the year’s CU PakSoc and BanglaSoc have worked together to bring members of both societies a range of events, such as garden parties, ice skating chills and games nights.



Our most popular being the annual Garden Party which creates an amazing end to the academic year in Cambridge and reminds us all of the wider community around us.



Here are images of the 2019 CU BanglaSoc X PakSoc Garden Party…

Speaker Events

Check out our speaker events. All the recordings can be found below

Nobel Prize winner Professor Muhammed Yunus

Right now the whole world has to address a big question. It is not about how to get the economy running again. Luckily we know the answer. We have gathered good experiences of managing of a recovery process. The big question that we have to answer is: Do we take the world back to where it was before Coronavirus came? Or, we redesign the world? Decision is entirely ours. Needless to say that the pre-Corona world was not good to us. Until Coronavirus became the news, the whole world was screaming about all the terrible things which are about to happen to the world. We were literally counting days when the whole planet would be unfit for human existence through climate catastrophe; how we are under serious threat of massive unemployment created by artificial intelligence; how wealth concentration was reaching.


We were reminding each other that the current decade is the decade of last chance. After this decade all our efforts will bring only marginal results, inadequate to save our planet. Should we go back to that world? Choice is ours.

Rushanara Ali MP

CU BanglaSoc wishes to celebrate this momentous year of the 50th Anniversary of Bangladesh’s Independence by addressing the significant strides made so far by Bangladeshis around the world and to cast an eye to the next 50 years to consider what the future holds for Bangladesh and its diaspora. We are therefore extremely honoured to host a true pioneer in breaking barriers in the world of politics – Rushanara Ali MP. Speaking on the theme of ‘A British Bangladeshi: Then and Now’ we  discussed Ms Ali’s experiences so far as an MP, in International Development, Further Education, Social Innovation and her wider perspectives about being a British Bangladeshi, both in the years past and what the future holds for the community.

Baroness Pola Uddin

To continue our 50th anniversary celebrations, Baroness Pola Uddin talks to CU BanglaSoc and discusses her career path, what it is like to work for the government, current affairs in the UK, and life as a British Bengali Woman in the UK. 

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