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 Here at CU BanglaSoc, we pride ourselves on hosting intimate gatherings which allow our students to get the most out of the community around them. Our events range from these close interpersonal events to charity dinners and competitive quiz nights, all of which have made a difference to our members university experience!


Here is information from current students about their experience of BanglaSoc!

"Growing up in East London, I was cushioned with a Bangladeshi community and always felt as though I belonged. Flash forward to 2013, I was plucked out of this melting pot and thrown into Essex where I currently live. I had grown so accustomed to the rainbow make-up of East London’s demographic and so found myself facing a severe case of culture shock. Moving to Cambridge, I felt quite anxious and apprehensive as I would be submerged within an identical situation. However, this time I felt slightly more equipped because I had BanglaSoc to provide me with the community I was deprived of for so long. Being an active member of the society, attending chills and formals, I felt a sense of security and comfort and that I belonged. BanglaSoc has supplied me with a safe space; a home away from home."
Sneha Chowdhury
English - Sydney Sussex - 2nd Year
"BanglaSoc has been a really rewarding part of my final year at Cambridge. I started going to BSoc events in Michaelmas of second year, and the people I met have been so warm and fun to spend time with that I decided to go to more society events when I could. This past year, my role as Graphic Design Officer has largely involved creating digital content for the BSoc social media channels, to help publicise events and aid membership growth. Most importantly though, I’ve had the best time meeting new people and working alongside wonderful friends to put on events and celebrate Bengali culture in Cambridge. From breaking fast with gulab jamun and watching Bollywood in John’s, to handing biryani out to as many people as we could in a given time slot, it’s been the most fun, and I’m really going to miss the good times and laughter!"
Jabin Ali
English- Emmanuel College- Graduate
“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at BanglaSoc, I was at university for three years and helped see BanglaSoc grow. I think the best thing about BanglaSoc is that it is a safe space for Bengalis. Although split amongst colleges, the Bengali community at Cambridge is quite substantial and will only grow as access initiatives grow more successful. Although we have big events and collabs with other societies, our smaller more friendly, down to Earth events like Chai and chill or Games night is where BanglaSoc truly shines. Looking forward to being an active alumni member and helping BanglaSoc the best I can.”
Yusuf Uddin
HSPS - Fitzwilliam College - Graduate
"As a first-year student, BanglaSoc has provided a very warm and welcoming environment and has helped get to know so many friendly faces! The events never fail to provide much craved homely comfort in the midst of what can be a very taxing term - whether it be a Formal with actual desi food or a cosy games night! I’ve really enjoyed the burst of culture from time to time in the middle of term time and am looking forward to many more spectacular events!"
Nabiha Karim
Medicine - Selwyn College - 2nd Year

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